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Dear body, from tongue

August 20, 2018


Note to the body


Dear body,

I am sorry I have not represented you in the best of ways;
I am sorry that I have continuously voiced our insecurities and downplayed our strengths.
I am sorry that people have to walk away from you because of the things that I said.

That your beauty is now eclipsed by this disease I have. This infection of gossiping, hurt, pride and ingratitude all expressed in words by me.
That I bring fear to the rest of the body and antagonise our faith.
That I rob us of our strength and courage through words like ‘I CAN’T’.

I promise to help nourish you through words inspired by what THE WORD says about us.
Words that build us up and re-affirm who we have become in Christ.
Words that remind us of our heritage in Him and the source of our being.
Words reminding me that ‘I am more than a conqueror’ and ‘I can do all things….’

For Byyourwords you shall by justified and Byyourwords you shall be saved.


Yours sincerely



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August 20, 2018

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