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I am..who or what defines 'you'

June 30, 2018

These words express a persons’ conviction of themselves. When used, it is an affirmation of what you believe about yourself.  Our ‘I am’ might include, ‘I am poor’, ‘I am slow’,’ I am not good enough’, ‘I am not accepted’, ‘I am not loved’, ‘I am a sinner’ and so on. But what is the source of these I am? Jesus Christ was aware that people would try to define us based on our heritage, nationality, sex, religion and past mistakes. So, He asked his disciples, who do men say I am?


Unsurprised, they had an incomplete definition of who he was. He was more than what they thought he was. Yes, he performed miracles and foretold the future but He was more than a prophet. Just as I am more than what people think I am; there is more to me than my job, skin tone, nationality etc.


On a daily basis, I meet people with distorted views of themselves evident in their words. I have realised that most of these stem from what someone, something or past experience have called us. I have come to understand that a person that says to themselves: ‘I am a failure’, is only re-echoing what a previous experience, a parent or a teacher called them. That she says 'I am ugly' is simply because the society told her so. My point is simple; none of this has to become your reality.


‘Flesh and blood did not reveal this (who I am) to you’ Jesus told Peter (Matthew 16:17). Meditating on this verse I soon realised that the only thing that can reveal who I am to me is THE WORD OF GOD. I decided to find out what God calls me and align my definition of me to that, not letting the world around me define me. Who you are is based on bible truths expressed byyourwords.


WORDS CARD GAME is an exciting, interactive and fun filled game designed to give you a new definition of who you truly are based on the word of God.​





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